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Here’s a great article on how #healthcoaches can help break unhealthy habits #TheWallstreetJournalChanging unhealthy habits is hard, doctors say. But with Americans suffering from chronic disease in epidemic proportions, a big push is under way to get more individuals to do just that. To read the complete article click here

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Simple ‪‎lifestyle‬ habits can facilitate that ‪‎weightloss‬ you’ve been hoping for. Read my article in DailyO to find out more. Click here for the full article.

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FB-Post---Weight-Loss revised (1)This is your golden opportunity to be coached by International Health & Wellness Coach and Consultant Preeti Rao. She has extensive international expertise in the space of integrated health backed by nutrition, exercise, stress management and many alternative healing modalities. While coaching her clients she practices a holistic approach rather than looking at someone piece meal. In this workshop you will be inspired to transform your life. You feel more connected with yourself than ever before and will find intrinsic motivation to deal with facts that have been affecting your health and weight gain (more…)

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