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Why, when and whom to marry – this seems like a tough question. No other decision you will make in the course of your lifetime will affect you as deeply and as irrevocably, for the better and for the worse, as this one. And no other decision will be made in as high-pressure circumstances, and in as subjective a state of mind, as this one. Yet, this is also the most primary relationship of our life, and the one we invest the most time and effort in.
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In today’s day and age when it is hard enough to fathom what will happen in the next minute, attempting to predict what my life will be like at the age of 75 and above is highly difficult. But I do think that it is important, as it will allow me to plan for my old age better. As a firm believer of the power of visualization, writing what life will be like in my later years would only make my vision into reality. If I can visualize myself aging healthy, the possibility of that happening is greater and I will like to take necessary steps starting now to achieve that goal. (more…)

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